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Get an Assessment of Your Sickness and Disease.

Suggestions will be made based on your assessment form that you filled.

Jesus reached the people with true success with this four-step approach which will be followed in this Medical GospelMissionary work:

a) He showed His sympathy for them

b) He ministered to their needs

c) Won their confidence

d) Then He bade them, “Follow Me”

You will be assisted with lifestyle changes and how to follow true Heath Principles. Remember sickness and disease never come without a cause. Think about this analogy, if you went home and find your kitchen flooded, the faucet running, and the sink plugged, what would you do first? Would you mop the floor? I am here to help you turn off the faucet, unplug the sink, then mop the floor.

Your suggested health plan will be based on your Assessment so your responses must be true and accurate to get to the cause.

Complete package =$200.00

This includes consultation, assessment, and protocol. All assessments start at 60 minutes= $200.00. (This includes, you completing an assessment form, and then you are given a protocol). Follow-up is free.



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